The Structure

The OnLineArt members are using a common server wher all licences are registered during the whole procedure beginning with the first request for a use and ending with the transfer of royalties to the authors. In this manner a highly valuable data base is build up which enables the OnLineArtmembers to work out market oriented future directions to inform the authors about legal uses around the globe and to track illegal uses.

OnLineArt members also apply common tariffs which include a set of conditions and definitions. Thus, user around the world are treated equally and receive a standardised, transparent and easy licensing service.

For standardised mass uses the tariffs offer an easy to apply frame; individual requests, where works and authors play an individual or out-standing role require often negotiations based on the tariffs including the author or heir. For this individual licensing service the OnLineArt members are ideally positioned because of their long standing practise of individual rights licensing in the analog and off-line environment.