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OnlineArt is a one-stop-shop which offers world wide licences on works of 60.000 artists for online uses. Any entity or individual person which aims to create and publish a site on the World Wide Web with protected works of art will need such licenses.
Author’s Rights

For painters, sculptors or other artists creating fine art works and their heirs we are providing tailored service to manage your online rights.

Our Structure

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The founding societies of OnLineArt have decades of experience in licensing users for the online and offline environment.


Miro, Beuys, Tapi├Ęs, Kandinsky, Munch along with close to 60.000 authors and estates of fine art are represented by OnLineArt

Users Licenses

For any entity or private person that wants to use protected works of fine art online we issue global licenses for the 60 000 artists that we represent.


OnLineArt is the One-stop-shop for worldwide licenses on works of fine art for uses on the World Wide Web - be it commercial or non-commercial.

OnLineArt is the interface connecting market demands for easy access to world wide rights and the authors and their estates interests' represented by their visual arts collective management societies. New technologies offer new opportunities for broad dissemination of works to a large interested public.

OnLineArt recognises the strong market demand for easy legal access to content and offers a market solution based on best practise and know-how. At the same time OnLineArt ensures that authors' interests are protected and that they are rewarded when their works are exploited by others.

Thus, users can go ahead with web site projects in legal certainty and artists find themselves in an environment where the value they add to the culture scene and growth of economy is equitably rewarded.

The members of OnLineArt are all not-for-profit organisations; they act for authors as their trustees. Being part of the cultural landscape in the language and culture area they are located, they have long standing contractual contacts with museums, educational institutions, libraries, broadcasters and art publishers. With their services they contribute significantly to the maintenance and further development of Cultural Diversity and the growth of creative industries.


OnlineArt is supported by top experts in the field of visual arts
Thierry Maillard
Carola Streul
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